Wholesale Convenience Store Items – Different Locations

Locations: Florida, Virginia, New York

Items: Banana Boxes – Food, Juice, Convenience Store Items

Pallets as low as $125.00 and up.

If you sell at the flea market or if you have a retail store, these pallets would be great for you!!!!

For current available full truck load = 48-50 pallets

Wholesale: $111,861.78 – Virginia, VA

Price: $17,779.27


Wholesale: $84,732.83 – Lakeland, FL

Price: $14,337.82

Wholesale: $64,776.40 – Rochester, NY

Price: $11,371.66

For more details, please contact Chris Traylor @ 770-616-7128 or e-mail ctraylor@quantumcommodities.com