About QC

At Quantum our goal is to help support and keep the American Dream alive. By helping people get the right wholesale product at the right price.
Whether, you are thinking about opening your own business or you have been in business and just need inventory that will help increase your bottom line.
We are here to help!!!

Our customer base consists of re-sellers that use channels such as Ebay, Amazon, swap meets, flea markets discount stores, auctions and for exporting.
With access to one of the largest wholesale inventories in the country. We offer categories that consist of General Merchandise, Soft Good, Hard Good, Furniture, Toys, Electronics, Apparel, Sporting Goods and more.  We offer merchandise at a fraction of its original cost.
If we do not have what you need, we will help you get it.

No order is to large or to small i n the wholesale world.

Our History
As a consumer we understand how scary it can be.

In 2004 Quantum was like so many others. Searching high and low for discounted product to resell in order to make some extra money. Then one day we stumbled into the liquidation world. Getting caught up in all the excitement of opportunity that the industry provides.
Very quickly we found out how scary the liquidation industry is. Anyone that has done any level of homework will quickly see all the bad reviews and horror stories. Pallets and Loads being cherry picked. People paying thousands of dollars upfront on blind, un-manifested loads and when the truck shows up. Its all trash. So, with a hope and a prayer and a lot of research we jumped all in. Buying from here, buying from there. Learning all we could as we went and yes we to have learned some very expensive lessons.
That is when we made it our sole purpose to build a business where we could offer people the same opportunity with a whole lot less risk. By allowing our mistakes and lessons learned in the industry to be someone else’s opportunity to not make those same mistakes.
As there is no guarantee when dealing with damage box, scratch and dent and customer returns. We made it our mission to provide a service and a product that has a low enough cost, that the risk is minimal. Along with a customer service approach that is built on integrity and accountability. We do that by disclosing what we know about the product and allowing people to buy right off the truck as we get it from the DC. We also arrange direct shipments from the DC to your dock door. We take the he said she said out of the equation and get to the heart of the matter. Let’s all make some money.

Our Expertise

It doesn’t matter if your new to the industry or not, we’re here to educate you on how to be successful in this business.

We are a supplier of quality merchandise that is sold at pennies on the wholesale dollar. With access to one of the larger inventories in the business we offer a consistent supply of Closeouts, Overstocks and Customer Returns. Which include the following categories General Merchandise, Home-ware, Tools and Equipment, Furniture, Sporting Goods, Home Accents, Toys, and Apparel. We purchase large volumes which give us the ability to pass the savings along to you.

Our Commitment

At Quantum our commitment is to help the entrepreneurial spirit flourish in all that wish to embrace it. We are committed to long lasting business relationships, whether you own an business or want to start one. We are here to help by providing a professional, trustworthy resource of wholesale merchandise that will help you and your business grow.