Quantum Commodities

We are a Wholesale Supplier of Liquidation Merchandise that consists of Customer Returns, Closeouts and Overstock Merchandise.

Providing General Merchandise to:

    • Pallet Stores
    • Online Sellers
    • Ebay
    • Amazon
    • Flea Markets
    • Business
    • Auctions
  • Exporters


About QC

Quantum Commodities specializes in buying overstock,
customer returns, less-than-perfect items, and salvage goods from various brand name retail companies,
including big-box retailers, and selling them to other businesses to sort and sell for profit.
We offer all of our products by the truckload – so whether you’re a first time buyer or pro, give us a call!
 Our product offerings include assorted general merchandise from a variety of categories such as clothing,
tools and equipment, gift items, electronics, furniture, and other various household items.

Truckload Sales
We offer Merchandise
by the Truckload from a
wide range of
Big Box Retailers. Direct from
the source to your dock door.

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.Save