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Quantum is your premier source for Truckload Liquidation – Liquidation by the Truckload! 

At Quantum we offer truckloads of liquidated merchandise from some of the biggest brands in the business. Our loads ship straight from the DC’s to your dock door. We pride ourselves on providing our customers a consistent trustworthy source of merchandise that they can count on. For pricing and availability see the pages of the brands that interest you, or don’t hesitate to give us a call directly at: 678-571-3715.

We are constantly adding brands to our portfolio! If you do not see what your looking for, give us a call we will help you find it.








We offer competitive rates and if we cannot beat it we will try to match it.

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Get Truckload Liquidation with Quantum Commodities!

To run a successful liquidation business, you should buy truckloads of liquidation. Because buying products in bulk is the most efficient way to make a profit. Wholesale truckloads are one of the best ways to buy products in bulk. When you buy in bulk, you save time and money. As a result, truckload liquidation makes you more profit sooner.

We source these discount truckloads from some of the top retailers in the country, so they are guaranteed to be of high quality and in good condition. Buy one of our truckloads of merchandise if you need a lot of inventory for your wholesale liquidation business. We purchase direct from major U.S. retailers and sell more than 10,000 items per week. With our huge assortment of surplus, customer returns, overstock, and liquidation inventory, we have the cleanest discount truckloads on the market today.

truckload liquidatoin

Are you looking for truckload liquidation near me?

We help you purchase palletized liquidation by the truck no matter where you’re located. We can help you find the merchandise you want at a price that can’t be beat.

Looking for truckload liquidation amazon or other major brands?

We are able to help you find liquidated and returned merchandise from many national retailers. Please look above for some of the options we offer.

Trying to find truckload liquidation home depot?

If you’re looking for home improvement liquidation, give us a call and let us know what it is you’re trying to hunt down. We can give you multiple options of retailers who might be able to meet your needs.

We don’t offer truckload liquidation auctions.

We offer buy-it-now pricing only. However, if you’re looking for auctions, we can refer you to multiple people in the industry who are vetted and offer reliable auctions for palletized liquidated merchandise.

We offer truckload liquidation Georgia.

Truckload liquidations to any state, from Alabama and Georgia to Nevada, California, and Washington!

truckload liquidation

Looking for truckload sale near me?

Truckload sales are different to buying pallet merchandise: instead of a single pallet, you purchase whole truckloads of pallets.

Looking for walmart truckload liquidation?

If you need information on walmart truckload liquidation we can help! Refer to our brands list above to see all that we have in stock.

Want to see our truckload liquidation reviews?

Not only can you check our reviews, but we’re happy to refer you to multiple happy clients who have done business with us for years so that you can hear it directly from our buyers.