How to Find Clearance Items at Walmart

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how to find clearance items at walmart

Ever wondered how to find clearance items at Walmart? With over 500,000 members, the Walmart Clearance Shoppers Facebook group is a community unto itself where shoppers share deals that seem implausibly good, with markdown prices as low as a few pennies. 

Walmart has a huge amount of inventory in its stores and online. The community of clearance shoppers approaches finding these hidden markdowns as something of a “treasure hunt.” Click2Houston first reported on the phenomenon on Thursday.  

how to find clearance items at walmart

The premise of the “treasure hunt” is that the in-store tag doesn’t always match the actual price of an item. So these shoppers take matters into their own hands, downloading the Walmart app and scanning items’ bar codes directly to find hidden deals. 

Shoppers share their deals and congratulate each other in Motzny’s group, which is a surprisingly collaborative effort. Posters often share the codes for their items so that other shoppers can check availability in their own stores using the website BrickSeek, which tracks deals and inventory at major retailers like Walmart, Target, and CVS Pharmacy. Another Facebook group run by Mama Deals has nearly 400,000 members and a similarly active community of bargain hunters — extreme coupons for the digital age.

Heather Robbins, a Walmart clearance shopper based in Kansas, recently left her job in a hospital to care for her children. “Between going through a pandemic, my husband working swing shifts, and myself staying home with the children all day, I needed a hobby,” she told Insider.