Month: May 2022

Why Reselling is the Perfect Side Gig for Anyone

By Christopher Traylor

More and more people are turning to reselling as a career or side job. It’s simple to do, you can choose your own hours, you can use the money to fund what’s important to you, and you can make a lot of money! In fact, there are some resellers who use their business as a…

How to Resell Retail Liquidation and Turn A Profit

By Christopher Traylor

Consumers are used to seeing sales and retail clearance in stores, but what interests aspiring resellers like you is where the inventory goes afterward! Private liquidation sales and clearance stock auctions are the most common ways retailers offload marked-down goods. Buying inventory in bulk and reselling it closer to the RRP (recommended retail price) is another…

Common Freight Terminology Used in Liquidation

By Christopher Traylor

Shipping is the most common question, especially from new buyers. Costs can sometimes be overwhelming, as they do have an impact on your profits. These are a few terms you ought to know as you navigate the world of freight. ACCESSORIAL: An additional service that can be requested for an LTL shipment. Residential deliveries/pickups and liftgates…