Month: October 2018

Where to Buy Returned Items

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And How to Get a Great Deal We’ve all been there. You got a present you disdain or made a hasty purchase you later lamented. Perhaps you returned home and understood that you don’t have space for that kitchen device you recently purchased or that sweater you thought needed to have is as of now…

Best Products to Sell on Amazon

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In 2020 and 2021, an unprecedented amount of people decided to quit working for their employer and start working for themselves. Most of these decided to start new businesses wholly online: eCommerce businesses. Are you one of them? One method to go about choosing the correct products to offer to conduct some analysis on the…

How to Find Clearance Items at Walmart

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Ever wondered how to find clearance items at Walmart? With over 500,000 members, the Walmart Clearance Shoppers Facebook group is a community unto itself where shoppers share deals that seem implausibly good, with markdown prices as low as a few pennies.  Walmart has a huge amount of inventory in its stores and online. The community…